DACA didn’t end, but what’s next? - history and solidarity of the movement

DACA didn’t end today. It was a great news!! Leading up to this, there was a lot of speculation that it was going to end given these Supreme Court judge history and just the government attacking communities right now. I believe it went through cause how long undocumented immigrants been advocating for themselves through years and times! How the existence of undocumented folx went from super taboo, constantly living in fear, and being oppressed behind closed door to a mainstream issue that people talk about and care about. I thank all the people that fought before us, everybody who fighting along us, and black people for fighting white supremacy and colonialism that oppress us all that paved ways for us.


It is a good news and I’m pretty sure they didn’t end it because everything is cracking. DACA was made possible by undocumented folx fighting and Obama giving us the least possible which is this “I’m not gonna deport your and let you work and pay tax as long as I get $495 every 2 years, but I need all your info and finger print” law which is DACA. This happened at the expense of criminalizing and increase in deportation. Divide and conquer was one of the effect of this law that justify punishing “bad immigrants” as the “good immigrants” category got created.


I don’t personally qualify for DACA but this put lots of my loved ones, mentors, and mentee in a position to thrive and rise all together. DACA is agency and power that came with some expense, but that’s not something to feel guilty about (though I know some folx feel that way) but it’s power for us to keep making changes in all ways and in our own field whether that be on the street, systematically, spiritually, and etc.


This is also a moment to push for more. This is a band aid and we can fight for access! Legality is a power play that restricts us with access. They label us as illegal to deny us humans rights like to healthcare, education, work, and then they lock us up for cheap labor and make money off us. It’s the same strategy with ICE and prison. They’re in the same family. These lack of access and oppression is not limited to undocumented folx. In fact, it’s the same oppression tatics they used on black folx and folx before us. At the core of white supremacy is anti blackness. When slavery ended, they imprisoned black folx to rebuilt the country and led into mass incarceration that now also affect immigrants. That was the 13th amendment.


Having said all of this, my point is to say keep fighting. Don’t let this make us complacent and lose in our individual journey trying to thrive and survive and handle life in capitalism which is hard. Take your time and be easy. Rest up, but never forget the big picture. Keep fighting for black lives matter, defund police, immigrant’s rights, and etc. it’s all tied together! Our liberations are all tied together!